Why Internet Marketing Consulting is Different

Many offline marketing consultants have tried and failed to transition to internet marketing consulting and the reason is simple.

Online is different

The strategies, techniques and tools needed to become a successful internet marketer are world’s away from those used by old-school marketers. And the target market is bigger, and often more complex. Where businesses pre-internet would target their town, state or country, now they are targeting the world.

Hard copy advertisements, brochures and direct snail mail are passe, whereas blogs, banners, auto-responders, SEO and Twittering are what’s needed by the internet marketer. The goal is to get a page one ranking in the search engines for your laser-targeted niche.

Everything is measurable

Internet marketing consulting professionals have an advantage over their offline forebears – just about everything online is measurable. You can track the effectiveness of articles, blog posts, videos, press releases. You can identify what country visitors to your site come from, how long they stay, which pages they visit and at what stage they eventually buy.

With such powerful data a business can identify their prospects and direct their marketing efforts to them.

Give them what they want

How hard has it been for marketers in the past to conduct surveys? Offline surveys have been traditionally been both cost and labor intensive, and slow. These days there is free software that enables you to survey your current and potential clients and identify their problems and what it is they need in order to solve them. All that remains is to create the solution to their problem and sell it to them.

Get online now!

Engaging a good internet marketing consulting professional to help implement these strategies is something every business, regardless of size, should do without delay. If your small business doesn’t have a website, then wake up to the twenty first century and get one. They are not expensive and can be managed for you by a consultant on a month to month basis. A one page website will not break your bank, but it will expand your customer base from your town, to the world!

Internet marketing consulting is a relatively new profession, and there are not many well qualified exponents. Of course there are technical people who can build a website for you, but that is not enough. Your site needs to be search engine optimized and have quality content that will aid its rankings.

Your consultant should be able to discuss the inclusions of images, video and audio – all of which make it interesting, not just to your visitors, but to the search engines as well. He or she should be able to manage the hosting of your site, and advise best on how to get traffic, set up sales pages and dominate any competitors.

Finding a quality internet marketing consulting professional to advise you could be one of the best business decisions you have every made.

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