ESG Mutual Funds gain traction in India

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Several Asset Management Companies (AMCs) have launched ESG Mutual Funds in India. ESG Mutual Funds invest in businesses that are responsible. Ever since its launch in India, the MSCI India ESG Leaders index has not only outperformed the MSCI India Equity index1 but has also mitigated downside risk better. The ESG mutual funds’ performance was well evident during Covid-19 induced market volatility. ESG investing though a popular concept globally has huge potential in emerging markets like India.

ESG as a concept has evolved to a point where it is no longer just a luxury but has become a necessity in the present-day scenario. The objective of an ESG mutual fund is to build wealth to fulfill investor’s financial goals by investing in stocks that meet the ESG parameters.

The non-financial parameters of ESG mutual funds have a material impact on the company’s future performance. ESG mutual funds do not look solely at profit but also considers the impact on the planet (environment) and people (social) as equally important too. It helps investors evaluate the level of preparedness among companies to control the material risks that can impact the business over the long term. ESG mutual funds use a structured approach of assessing the sustainability of companies by identifying the potential risks that could have a lasting impact on the company’s valuation.

As more and more investors choose to invest responsibly, they realize that ESG is not a just check-the-box desk research. The challenge is the lack of quality data and the standardization of quantification of non-financial data. Investors should not limit the research of identifying such companies by looking at self-declared company disclosures. They should be cognizant of greenwashing, where the company claims to be ESG compliant but it is not, to capitalize on the opportunity of labeling themselves as ‘ESG-oriented.’

The second challenge is to increase awareness among investors that ESG mutual funds are a holistic way of assessing the sustainability of businesses. It is the understanding that responsibility and profitability go hand-in-hand.

1 MSCI Indexes supplied by MSCI Inc, and MSCI ESG Indexes supplied by MSCI ESG Research Inc, a subsidiary of MSCI Inc

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How do I Start investing in Mutual Funds Online?

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The Internet of things has touched every corner of our lives. In food & beverage it has given us access to a variety of options by sitting in the comfort of our homes, in telemedicine it has encouraged doctors to perform surgeries and consult patients remotely, in communication it has made our lives way easier by almost putting the entire world in our hands, in banking & finance, it has made our lives a lot easier by doing away with brick & motor setup and replacing it with the click of a button. While IOT has touched and changed almost everything in our daily lives, investment also has leveraged its convenience and simplicity. What used to take a lot of time in filling up forms and attaching id proofs has now been replaced with a few easier steps & clicks.

One can find a variety of options when it comes to investing in mutual funds online. You can do it online via your banks, or log on to the mutual fund website, you can do it via Demat account via RIA’s (Registered Investment Advisor), etc. There are plenty of options available, but what you should be careful about is the plan you are selecting while investing online is direct or regular.

Regular Plan

The commission to the distributor is added in the Regular Plan TER or the total expense ratio. Thus, the NAV of regular plan is also slightly higher than direct plan and the units you get are slightly lesser than what you could have got in a direct plan. Even when you invest via a Bank or via your DEMAT account, you are investing in a regular plan attracting a higher expense ratio compared to a direct plan.

Direct Plan

When you log on to an AMC’s website and you choose to invest in mutual funds online directly or through an RIA , you are investing in a direct plan. When you choose to invest in a direct plan online, the TER or the total expense ratio is slightly lesser as compared to the regular plan as it does not include any commission charges. You end up getting slightly more units as compared to a Regular plan.

However, whichever mutual fund you choose to invest online, always remember to do proper research before investing.

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Best stock screeners of 2021

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A stock screener is an analytical tool that will help you identify and segregate trading instruments like stocks that are listed. Stock Screeners have a detailed database that consists of many companies that are listed on the stock exchange. There are various criteria that a stock screener looks at for filtering though most commonly used indicators are there on major platforms.

Additionally, a trader needs to select a set of variables with defined values in order to use a stock screener. Like for example, you want to screen all the companies with 1 crore and above market capitalization then you need to fill this variable to let the system know. The stock screener will bring you the list of stocks that fulfils the criteria you mentioned.

How does one use Stock Screener?
Here are some steps to use a stock screener with full potential. Those are:

Get started: Initial step is to create an account and choosing the appropriate trading platform after great research. The platform may offer free in-built screeners and you can use other separate screeners. Select a screener that suits best to your requirements.
Check chart patterns: You should select one or two chart patterns and do back testing for proper functioning. Additionally, checking the charts will make you realize whether or not odds are in your favour. Accordingly, determine the stop loss and potential profit levels.
View indicators: Technical indicators consider two factors that are price and volume from the charts and show the paraments set by traders.
Plan the period or time frame: You should plan the period of the goal and strategy while you set filters. All the parameters thereafter should be selected for the same timeframe.
Prefer stocks with higher volume: Trading stocks with higher volume brings great liquidity. Higher liquidity means you will find enough sellers and buyers of that stock in an active market.
Do research: You should do your own research rather than believing promoters of the stock blindly. Check the latest news, announcements, and much more.
Maintain a trading journal: Maintain your trades and use your thinking for stock selection via screeners.
Create a stock watchlist: Track the stocks that you see the potential in via screeners across the different markets. Do your own research and decide when the market opens.
Best Stock Screener of 2021

Ticker Screener by Finology: Filter out stocks based on your own set of criteria. Finology Stock Screener helps you narrow down thousands of companies to a small group of companies. You just need to enter your criteria based on 1200+ ratios that we have made for you, whatever type of stocks you want, you can think of a query and it will show you the companies which fulfill your requirements. Just follow the below steps to use Finology Screener -
Step 1. Type your query
Step 2. Choose from Suggestions
Step 3. Click on Run Screener
Step 4. Analyze your results

Trade-Ideas: Trade ideas is an AI-based stock screener that tracks the main movements of the trading day which helps the traders in making the decision. The pre-set scans are customizable and the tracking that is done is based on social data, technical and fundamental.
Edelweiss: Edelweiss stock screener is a type of offering that is popular in brokerage houses in India. Moreover, it is easy to use for both beginner and seasoned traders or investors. The mobile app of edelweiss helps make the decision quickly. It is available for both lite and Elite plans which are free.
Trendlyne: Trendlyne is a website that can be used for personalized screening which is query-based. This focuses on technical and fundamental analysis. Additionally, this screener provides stock alerts, the latest news, and research reports. There are free and paid options for the Trendlyne stock screener. The basic version pricing starts at Rs.2150 annually.
Trading View: Trading View is a charting and screening tool that is web-based. It enables screening that is based on fundamental and technical indicators that uses multiple timeframes. Additionally, they provide real-time international stock exchange data. You have options to create watchlists, get news and view stock details, and so on. Moreover, there are pre-set scans (hotlists) that will help the traders find the big movers of the trading day. Here traders or investors can create their own stock scans. is an investing screener for stocks that can be used by experts and novices. Additionally, investors can analyse the company based on fundamental and technical analysis for all the companies that are traded on the stock exchange (NSE and BSE). The screener has filters such as price, fundamentals, ratios, volume, and dividends. It is an NSE screener that provides quotes and charts with the latest news related to the company.
Zerodha: Zerodha’s Pi Stock screener has filters available for users those are financial ratios, technical indicators, future estimates, broker ratings, and much more. Additionally, these criteria can be saved for further use after reloading anytime. It helps for real-time scanning that is used at a fixed time during trading days. Under these stock screener sectors available are IT, financials, healthcare, consumer staples, etc.
Money Control: The money Control stock screener uses brand new information and updates from the Indian and international markets for screening stocks. Moreover, the users can monitor their investment and get better expert views. You can also do the voice-based search as it is supported by the mobile app.
Google Finance: Google Finance is a stock screener that focuses on stock chart patterns and technical analysis that are suitable for intraday trading. Additionally, the parameters of this screener include Bollinger bands, MFI, MACD, RSI, Moving Average, volume, price, and many another. It is a free app-based stock screener with in-app purchases. There various attractive features like market trends, real-time market quotes, watchlist options, earnings calendar, stock suggestions, and up-to-date financial news.
Investello Investing Screener: Investello Investing screener helps the traders and investors filter the stocks based on various criteria like safety, valuation, and performance. It allows peer comparison, provides daily updates, has a dashboard, and has normalized figures.

A stock screener is an analytical tool that will help you identify and segregate trading instruments like stocks that are listed. Stock Screeners have a detailed database that consists of many companies that are listed on the stock exchange. Additionally, a trader needs to select a set of variables with defined values in order to use a stock screener. There are various best stock screeners of 2021 that will provide you will the best features and are mentioned in the above list. You should consider the steps mentioned for using Stock screeners and get the best out of them.

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What Benefits Does Small Business Consulting Offer?

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Small business consulting has come a long way in the past few decades. It has helped businesses (both small and large) add value to what they offer as entities. Organizations hire the services of management consultants for a number of reasons, including gaining external (and presumably objective) advice, access to the consultants’ specialized expertise, or simply as extra temporary help during a one-time project, where the hiring of more permanent employees is not required. In other words, when business owners lack the skills they need to take their businesses to the next level, they seek the assistance of a consultant.

A small business consultant may not get paid when the business owner does not see any significant improvement on his business. It is a ‘no win, no fee’ situation.

Small Business consulting offers the following advantages:

1. They help to define the business

They help to organise your vision and your goals in a more elaborate manner. They help you come up with an excellent business plan investors would want to look at.

2. They help grow your business with an effective marketing and sales plan

3. They help you to attract customers by formulating a cohesive and powerful Internet marketing and website design plan for your business

4. They help increase your business income and get things done

5. They help increase motivation, focus, clarity, success and balance. They also combine consulting and coaching programs to create the business of your dreams.

Business consulting has much more benefits than you can imagine. You may never know until you explore the opportunities.

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Image Consultants – How to Look Younger With the Help of One

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If you want to look youthful i.e. vital, positive, engaged and living in the present, an Image Consultant is a very useful person to have around. Why? Well, for a number of reasons.

Looking young is a positive attribute in a world which is youth obsessed. However, ‘young’ is a relative adjective. When you’re 18, someone who is 25 is old; when you’re 50, someone 25 is a child; and to an 80 year old, young is anybody not drawing a pension. Generally speaking however, being truly ‘young’ is a fleeting experience. Our real youth passes very quickly. In regards to our physical appearance, it’s the time when our skin is firm, our eyes and hair shine bright with natural colour and radiance, our posture is strong and straight and our face is unmarked by the lines and creases that will come with laughter, anxiety and tears. In terms of stereotypical thinking, youth is synonymous with energy, aspiration, ideas, spontaneity and the future. Age is associated with wisdom, experience, scepticism, entrenched practices and the past. Is it any wonder that many if not most of us aren’t keen on being perceived as ‘old’? So if you want to appear youthful and living in the present then an image consultant can help you.

What An Image Consultant Can Do For You

1. They are trained in Colour Analysis, a simple but enlightening process that determines the colours, contrast levels and textures that flatter you best. The right colours will ease the appearance of lines and wrinkles, even your skin tone and bring out the colour of your eyes and the highlights in your hair. These colours will imbue you with a healthy and youthful appearance.

2. They are experts in line and design. They understand the power of vertical, horizontal and circular influence. They assess your figure’s natural proportions and know how to create a more balanced silhouette for you. They will enable you to walk taller and slimmer.

3. An Image Consultant understands the power of stereotypes to create negative or positive impressions. Peter Pan collars, cardigans and pearls may look sweet on a 20 year old but when someone over 40 wears them, they ‘scream’ establishment’, maturity and common sense. Not necessarily bad things but together they create an impression of ‘age’. An image consultant can show you how to avoid the stereotypes that will unconsciously age you prematurely in the minds of others.

4. Being current in our dress is an important element in creating a youthful appearance. This does not mean ‘mutton dressed up as lamb’; nothing advertises your age more. However, embracing the current trends (as opposed to fads) is a great way to look youthful. Your Image Consultant can guide you towards discerning the trends that work positively for your appearance while eliminating those that do not.

An Image Consultant will help you look younger and feel fabulous. They will be an investment in your appearance, your self esteem, your present and your future

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You’re Not Too Small For a Small Business Consultant’s Advice

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Whether your company has 5, or 10 employees, or you’re a lone entrepreneur trying to make your business successful, it’s never too early to get professional advice. You’re never too small and it’s never too early to get assistance that could help you succeed. Whether you’re struggling in your early days or are ready to get started but want to hit the ground running, a professional consultant can help you. A lot of entrepreneurs are afraid to ask for help, though.


Are you afraid of relinquishing control over your “baby” to someone else? You should be! Your dream of your own business probably means enough to you that you are going to guard your ability to protect that business very carefully. A consultant should collaborate rather than take over. Their input is just that — input. You don’t have to take every piece of advice you’re given and a skilled consultant won’t try to force your hand at something you’re uncomfortable with.


Timing, in a small business, is everything. Are you selling the right product, service, or solution? Do you have the right timing in terms of when and how to approach new customers? Have you gathered enough business intelligence to help you make wise decisions? A small business consultant’s expertise can help.

Getting Help vs. Going It Alone

Some feel they have enough time to do it alone. Some feel that they don’t have time but don’t have any choices as they can’t really afford to get any help. Investing in expert advice doesn’t have to break the bank and it can have a huge return on investment. Most small business consultants have more than one solution in terms of pricing so the cost could be a lot lower than you might expect. And more than that, it could help you advance rapidly so that you are earning a profit and are able to make further investments in your business. You can start small to help you take big leaps forward.

Getting the Right Advice

Not all consultants are equal and a new or small business owner needs to be vigilant about making the right investments and the right business decisions. Some entrepreneurs are concerned about investing in the wrong areas and listening to the wrong advice — which could be detrimental to a business. Instead of being afraid to get help, just do your due diligence to ensure that you find the right help. Most consultancy firms will offer a free initial consultation and if you’re not comfortable with every aspect of the discussion you have with them, shop around before making any investments or signing any contracts.

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Big Market For Internet Marketing Consulting

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For driven, self-motivated, creative people looking for a new opportunity to challenge themselves and make incredible profits, Internet marketing consulting is the new frontier.

Just about every business these days has a Web site or is in the process of getting one. Small business has realized that the Web offers unlimited opportunities for self-promotion and that it’s a cheaper and more effective method of getting their message out than traditional forms of advertising. The execution of Internet marketing has proven trickier than the theory for many of these businesses, and there’s a plethora of confusing, clunky and ineffective business Web sites out there.

What small business needs is small business Internet marketing consulting professionals who can help them set up reliable, dependable Web sites that are attractive and easy to use. They also need mentoring on how to effectively use Internet forums and social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace to push their message and get good word of Web going around about their goods and services.

A talented, disciplined individual could make substantial profits in helping these businesses take their online presence to the next level. And the good news is, that individual could be you.

Internet marketing consulting is largely uncharted territory at present. There’s no formal education or accreditation requirements to become a professional in IM consulting or small business marketing consulting. All you need is some solid writing skills, an understanding of marketing, some very basic Web design experience and the will and determination to secure clients and provide them with what you need.

One great thing about IM consulting is that if there’s a portion of a job you can’t do — let’s say that you’re a bang up writer, but you couldn’t do graphic design to save your life — you can easily outsource those duties to someone more skilled in those areas. Many consultants work in alliance with others to shore up their weak points and continue to offer clients what they need.

The best way to get into the game is to find a reputable mentor. There are quite a few experienced professionals in online marketing who have started businesses aimed at helping the next generation of marketing pros to get into the game. Once you find a likely prospect to be your internet marketing consulting mentor, check him or her out on Google to make sure they have good street cred. If they’re legit, sign on with them and get ready to start making money in one of the most exciting and promising new career fields.

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Why Internet Marketing Consulting is Different

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Many offline marketing consultants have tried and failed to transition to internet marketing consulting and the reason is simple.

Online is different

The strategies, techniques and tools needed to become a successful internet marketer are world’s away from those used by old-school marketers. And the target market is bigger, and often more complex. Where businesses pre-internet would target their town, state or country, now they are targeting the world.

Hard copy advertisements, brochures and direct snail mail are passe, whereas blogs, banners, auto-responders, SEO and Twittering are what’s needed by the internet marketer. The goal is to get a page one ranking in the search engines for your laser-targeted niche.

Everything is measurable

Internet marketing consulting professionals have an advantage over their offline forebears – just about everything online is measurable. You can track the effectiveness of articles, blog posts, videos, press releases. You can identify what country visitors to your site come from, how long they stay, which pages they visit and at what stage they eventually buy.

With such powerful data a business can identify their prospects and direct their marketing efforts to them.

Give them what they want

How hard has it been for marketers in the past to conduct surveys? Offline surveys have been traditionally been both cost and labor intensive, and slow. These days there is free software that enables you to survey your current and potential clients and identify their problems and what it is they need in order to solve them. All that remains is to create the solution to their problem and sell it to them.

Get online now!

Engaging a good internet marketing consulting professional to help implement these strategies is something every business, regardless of size, should do without delay. If your small business doesn’t have a website, then wake up to the twenty first century and get one. They are not expensive and can be managed for you by a consultant on a month to month basis. A one page website will not break your bank, but it will expand your customer base from your town, to the world!

Internet marketing consulting is a relatively new profession, and there are not many well qualified exponents. Of course there are technical people who can build a website for you, but that is not enough. Your site needs to be search engine optimized and have quality content that will aid its rankings.

Your consultant should be able to discuss the inclusions of images, video and audio – all of which make it interesting, not just to your visitors, but to the search engines as well. He or she should be able to manage the hosting of your site, and advise best on how to get traffic, set up sales pages and dominate any competitors.

Finding a quality internet marketing consulting professional to advise you could be one of the best business decisions you have every made.

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Fire Consultant – Advice on How and When to Use a Fire Safety Consultant

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The increased burden of responsibility placed on employers by recent legislation can leave many business owners feeling either unsure about what they need to do to comply with all the laws, or else unable to find the time to carry out all the duties that are required of them. One example of these duties is the need to carry out regular fire risk assessments. Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, the responsibility for ensuring workplace fire safety was placed firmly on the shoulders of UK employers. 

This law abolished the previous use of fire certificates, which were issued by the fire authorities following applications and inspections of premises. The only involvement of the fire authorities now is to check that every business has carried out a fire risk assessment on their premises, which they can do by asking to see a copy of your findings. The assessment procedure has to identify any potential risks to people in the building, and outline the steps which have been taken to minimise these risks. Any business employing five or more people has to record their findings too, so that the authorities can inspect it as proof that the employer complying with the law.

The law requires that whoever carries out the fire risk assessment for a premises must be a competent person, but does not specify what exactly this means. For small and straightforward businesses, it is perfectly possible for someone in the business to carry out the fire risk assessment by following guidance which is freely available online. However, even in this relatively straightforward situation, it can be difficult to find the staff resource to actually give this work the time it needs.

In larger and more complex premises, a greater degree of knowledge and experience is required, so it becomes more difficult to judge whether someone can be deemed to be competent or not. Part of the problem is that people are understandably not even aware of the things they do not know about. For example, if you could not tell the difference between an ordinary door and a fire resistant one, or if you could not tell heat detectors and smoke detectors apart, you may struggle to undertake an adequate assessment.

It is in circumstances such as these that many businesses turn to fire consultants for help and advice. This can take the form of getting a consultant to undertake the fire risk assessment directly, or providing training to you or your staff so that you can carry out your assessments in-house. For many companies, fire consultants are used to deliver and administer their entire fire safety requirement. This can include the fire risk assessment, creation and implementation of an emergency plan, leading practice evacuations, staff training and even equipment maintenance. It really depends on the needs and resources of the business and the complexity of the premises involved.

The best fire consultants tend to be ex fire authority personnel, who have years of first hand knowledge and experience and know exactly what the fire authorities require of business premises. There are many such companies operating around the UK, and the best way of finding the most reliable ones is through personal recommendation.

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What Happens When Your Financial Consultant Quit?

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This is worrying for some especially to those who had put his utmost trust in his consultant. To be honest, if you asked any consultant in the streets if he will stay in this industry for long, he will always say yes! Its like asking a restaurant owner whether his food is nice.

Well, lets be fair, nothing is guaranteed. Its the same as asking whether your the other half will love you forever. We are all human beings, there is also a chance that your consultant will be stricken down with illness and even death. Even if the consultant at that point of time is truly convicted to the loyalty of his financial company, that does not mean few years from then, things will not change. We will never know what the future hold for us, who knows maybe my business is so bad that I have to end up selling hot dogs instead.

As the wise says – The only constant is change. To quote the president of US: “Change, we will” and we always will, be it consciously or subconsciously. Thanks to this ever-growing economy, we find ourselves constantly adapting to the demands of this society (especially ours) and this process of adaptation often than not, entails change in us.

What happens when your financial consultant quit? Even for the most inevitable reasons, there is nothing to worry about. Really. First of all, the financial company will always still be there. What if the financial company bankrupts and close down? Think of this way, if an financial company was to fall one day, the rest of the other insurance companies or even the whole financial industry will fall because this is a collective economy. Remember, all financial companies are regulated by MAS, if MAS has no financial power to withstand a financial company to fall, MAS is most probably crippled already. If that happens, trust me, your insurance is the last thing you worry about :P

Just think of the each of the domino to be a financial company in Singapore and MAS is the platform where all these dominoes are standing on.

OK back to the topic, so what happens when your financial consultant quit? You know, there is nothing you can do. First of all, you don not even have to worry at all. As long as your financial company is still there, you are still insured, you still can claim, you can collect your money upon maturity, you still can collect your dividends, you still can collect your coupons, your policy is basically not affected at all. The only drawback is that if you need to enquire or do any claims, you have to do it without personal assistance.

First of all, you can always call the help desk though they may not be as efficient or even friendly (I’ve had a bad encounter with 1 financial company’s help desk, I’m declining to name the company though) But still no matter what, you can always head down to the office to make an enquiry, troublesome it may be, but hey at least its a guaranteed method! But wait a minute, now you have lesser to worry!

Most major financial companies even have online portals for you to login to see your own financial portfolio, its even faster to check it out yourself than to ask your consultant. If you think you’re not that IT-savvy which I highly doubt so, there is always phone calls and heading down the office which I’ve mentioned earlier.

So really, there is nothing to worry about with regards to servicing or claims. If you need new advise on your financial needs, there are like tonnes of people in city area doing roadshows you can approach. :P

What is truly more important is the advise your consultant give you at the point of time. Make sure you touch your heart and ask yourself if you can really trust him and feel that it is the best one he has given you. That is more important than whether he will stay in this industry for long, once you can do that, the rest is history.

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